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Flying to Seattle

I'm headed to Seattle to host the Harlequin Reader Luncheon on Saturday.  Flying to Seattle is one of the longer flights that I take at about 4 1/2 hours, so I asked my pals on Facebook what they did to make the time go faster.  Reading was by far the number one answer (seems like a no-brainer).  But audiobooks were in … [Read More...]

Kathy Kulig and me

RomantiCon 2014

  Hi, joysann here. Ellora's Cave RomantiCon 2014 happened in Canton Ohio this past weekend, and it was a entertaining occasion once again. I love seeing/meeting authors and readers who enjoy the experience so well. Because I've attended the RomantiCons since they began, some of these are folks I've met … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

Just a few new releases this week, but all winners.  Getting depressingly cold here and the first sign was that I had to put on the heat in my car.  More reason to cuddle up at home with a good book.  Stay warm! .         . . . Demon Storm by Dianna Love Soulfire by … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

I'm really getting excited about Tuesdays.  I always look forward to new books coming out.  Authors I have been reading for years and the chance to discover new ones.  I've already had the pleasure of reading one of the books, Darling Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt and you can read my take on it … [Read More...]


Heidi and Joan’s Picks of the Week

  Justice is Coming: The Marshals of Maverick County by Delores Fossen  , Read by Heidi  / Eden Gray is not the woman that federal marshal Declan O’Malley expected to trespass on his property, especially with their rocky past. They must put their past differences aside if they both want to survive … [Read More...]

Allie, Maggie and David practicing to go on the road as a singing group

Lady Jane’s Salon – Naperville

Last night, for my birthday, my sisters took me to Naperville, Illinois to attend the Lady Jane Salon author readings.  It was a 2 hour drive (both ways), but well worth it.  I wish we had one closer and who knows, maybe someday I'll get one going here in Milwaukee. . The event is held at Le Chocolat du Bouchard, … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

Well, today is my birthday and I'm going to celebrate by attending the Lady Jane Salon readings in Naperville, IL tonight.  I'm going with my sisters and they've never been, so I'm excited about exposing them to this fun event.  I'll make sure we all talk about these terrific new reads for the week.  Hope you all have … [Read More...]


joysann & Joan’s Picks of the Week

Ghost Seer by Robin D. Owens Read by Joan Zack Slade, a former deputy sheriff and police officer, has just returned to Denver to start a job as a P.I. Clare Cermak has just resigned her job as an accountant, after inheriting her great aunt's estate. Clare has also inherited her great aunt's ability to see and … [Read More...]


Hot New Releases!

First, I'd like to apologize for missing last week's new releases.  They will be listed today with this week's new books.  You know, sometimes life just gets in the way.  I can't believe we're getting Christmas books already.  I'm so not ready for the holidays yet.  Now, go out, support these terrific authors, buy some … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

With new books coming out constantly, I just realized that I have never been to a book launch.  I've read about them online, I've heard people talk about them, but I never attended one.  I bet it's amazing and how exciting for an author to stand front and center with their creation...their baby and have supportive … [Read More...]


joysann & Joan’s Picks of the Week

Shards of Time (Nightrunner Series) by Lynn Flewelling Read by joysann Dashing Nightrunner agents Seregil and Alec accompany General Klia to the sacred island of Kouros to solve a locked-room mystery - the gruesome murders of the governor and his lady. Ghosts were seen, and shadowy creatures of darkness captured … [Read More...]


Heidi’s Picks of the Week

Facing the Music by Andrea Laurence E-book Read by Heidi Ivy Hudson created the ultimate revenge for being burned by her childhood sweetheart Blake Chamberlain.... wrote a successful song called “Size Matters”.   She created her rock star popularity by writing songs about doomed relationships, but now her … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

Just a small group of books being released this week.  If you have a new release coming up, please contact me and I'll send you  the formatting info.  Perfect reading weather with the windows open, no air-conditioning, no heater, just a beautiful time of the year.  … [Read More...]


My Pick of the Week – Darling Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt

Apollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne is a convicted murderer.  He manages to escape Bedlam and hides in London as a gardener trying to rebuild a recently burned out pleasure garden.  Lily Stump is a leading actress on the London stage, but with the theater burning down with the garden, Lily finds herself trying to make … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

Hope you all had a relaxing and fun three day weekend.  Always a nice way to end the summer and get into the back to school mode.  I really miss all the shopping involved.  When I was a kid, we would go with my mom and all get new underwear, a new dress and new shoes.  For some reason, you couldn't return to school … [Read More...]


Heidi and YA Amanda’s Picks of the Week

Shadow Falls:  The Beginning by CC Hunter Read by Amanda, 13 . Born at Midnight Kylie Galen believes she is normal. She is a little different than others, but she thought to herself: “Isn’t everyone?” This is the case until Kylie starts seeing this stalker following her. When she points him out to her mom, … [Read More...]