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joysann’s & Joan’s Picks of the Week

  Shattered: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne Listened to by joysann While Atticus O'Sullivan is orienting his archdruid Owen Kennedy to the modern world, he's determined to uncover a murderer in the fae court, as well as confer with the gods the inevitable confrontation with Loki and the … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

Tomorrow I leave for the Romance Writers of America Convention in San Antonio.  I've always considered this the crown jewel of conventions.  Being a hard core reader, I become total fangirl at this event.  I still have to pinch myself that I get to hang with authors that I've read for years.  We get to talk about the … [Read More...]


What I’ve Learned From Having Reader Luncheons

  If anyone would have told me 4 years ago that I would be hosting one of the most popular reader luncheons in the country, I wouldn't have believed them. We started humbly at a local community center.  The food had to be catered in and my sister made the 300 cupcakes we planned to serve as dessert.  With … [Read More...]

The Wonderful Blend of Fiction and Non-Fiction

Due to ridiculous circumstances that I won't go into, I've paused in listening to the oh-so-wonderful new Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon, Written in My Own Heart's Blood, and picked up another fascinating historical fiction, King's Mountain by Sharyn McCrumb, the latest in her Ballads books. What's interesting to me … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases

Amazingly good news this week.  The Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon in April 2015 has sold out completely.  Yes, after only 2 weeks, all 60 author tables are filled with readers.  Tickets are still available for the FANtastic Pizza Party on Saturday night and the big booksigning will be open to the public and … [Read More...]

Just the cute factor got me for this one, plus he's a military guy.

Digital Book Day

Today is Digital Book Day.  407 authors are offering up their books for free for one day.  Author CJ Lyons says, "We’ve gathered 407 bestselling authors from around the world with one aim: to gift books to readers. From our imaginations into your hands. One site, one day, over four hundred free books for you to … [Read More...]


joysann’s & Joan’s Picks of the Week

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron Listened to by joysann An English ornithologist/photographer making a study of turkey vultures is an interesting subject of speculation to Judge Deborah Knott and her detective husband, especially when a local woman goes missing and her body is later found very near where he is … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases!

Yay! Back on my schedule and the new release that come out today.  In honor of that, I think we need to give some  books away.  How about The Sexiest Man Alive by Juliette Rosetti?  I read the first book in this series and was delightfully captivated.  Just leave any comment and you will be entered to win this brand … [Read More...]


Hot New Releases and Winners Named

I need to apologize to everyone.  I thought I had posted this last week and it turns out I only held it as a draft.  I'm so sorry.  I'm afraid I got so wrapped up in the ticket sales for the luncheon that it completely took over my life.  We sold over 400 tickets the first day and now only have about 30 left.  If you … [Read More...]


Why I Love Audio Books with Giveaway

I always have to have a book with me whether it's a physical book, ebook or audio book (on my iPhone).  I always listened to CDs and still do, but I was given a gift subscription for audio books and fell in love with it.  I can listen while doing things around the house or walking or driving, but I especially love it … [Read More...]


Hot New Releases!

Finally home from Denver, but don't fret, I managed to get a free airline ticket because my flight was oversold.  Had a terrific time at RomCon and since I've been included in the planning for next year, I'm really excited for it.  I'm off for BookBash in Orlando on Friday.  I should have just left my suitcase at the … [Read More...]


joysann’s Pick of the Week

A Shiver of Light by Laurell K Hamilton Listened to by joysann . Merry Gentry's long pregnancy is coming to an end, but the threats to her welfare, and to her dearest lovers, have been unrelenting. In a constant state of alert, they still don't know where the most dire threats come from - her aunt's dark … [Read More...]

Jill spinning the pleasure wheel

RomCon 2014 with Giveaway!

  RomCon is the perfect reader weekend to connect with friends, meet new ones, discover authors and pay tribute to those you already love.  With an attendance of approximately 350, RomCon is located in Denver and the brain child of authors Michele Callahan and Jennifer Zane.  "When we started it 5 years … [Read More...]

Debra Holland speaking at RomCon University


After several delays at the airport yesterday, I finally made it to Denver last last night.  I was very tired and hungry.  Apparently my airplane was a regional plane and so there was no food to be had.  My fault, I should have planned ahead and grabbed something at the airport in the hours that I just sat there.  But, … [Read More...]


Hot New Tuesday Releases!

Finally getting hot here, so it will be summer here in Wisconsin for at least the next 2 weeks.  Too bad I won't be here to enjoy it because I'm off to Denver for RomCon on Thursday.  But you can grab one of these books and lounge by the pool.  Happy summer … [Read More...]


joysann’s Pick of the Week

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion Listened to by joysann When brilliant genetics professor Don Tillman gets his teeth into a project, he doesn't let go until it's resolved, one way or another. In a moment of inspiration, he endeavors to create the perfect questionnaire to find his perfect life partner, one who … [Read More...]